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Nissan Magnite launch

Campaign Objective:

Why just launch a product digitally if you can launch it traditionally you may ask? Well, because the possibilities are limitless- you can reach more audience with more conversion being cost efficient at the same time. Now, let us ask you why just launch it traditionally when can get maximum benefits if you just opt to add a virtual launch plan. From pre-launch teasers to post-launch promotions, we cover it all for you and your brand.

The launch campaign kicked off with the name ‘Ignite Your Carisma’ and while the launch date for Nepali market was not fixed, Sharda ITians had already planned out few promotional ideas of teaser posts and how to create a buzz for Nissan Magnite. Magnite was already a sensation when it hit the Indian market and word was already out in Nepal about its affordability and great specifications. Sharda IT further added the fuel to this hype in Nepali market by creating google ads and social media ads. These ads were highly successful as the insights of both the Nissan webpage and Social media pages rose. Moreover, genuine leads were collected for booking and large volume of queries regarding Magnite was also being recorded- we received more than 100 leads per day which made it difficult to answer all the leads and hence for the ad to run further. High number of actions on page, new unique users, web page traffic, post reach were also noted; making the campaign a success.

After the launch event, we got positive feedback from the Nissan team; their Magnite sales were soaring and number of in store visits were overwhelming. But our online promotion didn’t stop there. We are still creating promotional posts for Nissan’s Magnite, highlighting its features and answering all online queries tirelessly so that we make the most out of our campaign and make our client happy.

Takeaways from the campaign:

  • Always be ready to adapt and improvise.
  • Get proactive- because impromptu change of plans can occur.
  • Have a plan B, C and D if things go south for plan A.
  • Prioritize your clients’ needs. In the end you’ll be appreciated and hard work does pay off!

Positive Impact from the campaign:

  • Hype among the automotive enthusiasts and casual car buyers were generated.
  • High amount of traffic was generated on the website. Specially on the Nissan Magnite’s page.
  • Insights of Facebook also soared. Page visits and actions on page were some of the key insights rocketing.
  • Followers of Nissan in social media were also asking for details about the product in large numbers.
  • Good number of leads was generated for the booking of Nissan Magnite.
  • Post event, high number of in showroom visit from interested buyers were accumulated.

Team Experience Stories:

How I overcame the challenges?

To finish the work on time, I had a huge support from the Client Servicing Team and our management to find the better-quality videos. I had to set aside some works of other client in order to finish the designs and videos for the event. The client was also understanding which was a big support as they didn’t push me too hard.

Our team in the launch.

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