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Be Car-rismatic (Nissan NADA Campaign)

Campaign Objective:

  • To increase the brand visibility of Nissan in the NADA event,
  • To increase customer visits in Nissan stall,
  • To promote Nissan Kicks and increase the sales during and after the event.

Gone are those days when Nepalese could just rely on paper and television ads. Today, for any event campaign to be successful, digital branding backed up by digital promotions is a must. When NADA 2019 was around the corner, our client approached us for the marketing campaign to generate traction for Nissan Nepal in NADA. Our team, upon hearing the news got excited to work on a hybrid promotional campaign that focused on both physical and digital promotion and immediately started doing research on the plan, ideas, pros, and cons of it and more.

With few brainstorming sessions, idea pitching, design creation, and client approvals, we started off with a campaign that created a buzz about the NADA event 2019. The campaign was named as ‘Be Car-rismatic’. The rules were pretty simple. All they had to do was tag their auto enthusiast friends with whom they wanted to visit NADA. And, two lucky winners would win 2 tickets to NADA daily. This initial campaign was a success as we managed to generate a decent amount of engagement on the post with around 10k likes, 59 comments, and 7 shares.

These people were lucky enough to win free tickets to NADA 2019 through our campaign. Which further helped in customer visit to Nissan stall.

Nissan Kicks was the model that was mainly going to be promoted in NADA that year. So, we made sure to create content related to Nissan Kicks including its wonderful features, and posted it on all the social media platforms. This had helped Nissan Kicks to be more visible among many automobile brands.
Along with this, there were lots of other exciting offers by Nissan Nepal for every booking done through NADA. With the combination of engaging content and graphics, we managed to gather a good number of crowd in the post. [Image reference available: 3]Along with this, there were lots of other exciting offers by Nissan Nepal for every booking done through NADA. With the combination of engaging content and graphics, we managed to gather a good number of crowd in the post.

While thinking of ideas to promote Nissan Kicks in NADA, our team came up with organizing a photo contest in the event. The rules were easy here. The participants had to strike a pose in front of Nissan Kicks by holding the Kicks prop. The photo would be posted on the Nissan Nepal page. After this, all they had to do was promote their picture among their circle and generate as many likes as possible. But wait the likes had to be genuine. Otherwise, they would have been disqualified.
The campaign was a hit. We got around 70 participants and generated huge number of engagement, reach, likes, and much more. All the reach we achieved here was organic. Well, if you don’t believe us, do check the link to find out how the contest performed.

With the successful end of the campaign, here’s our grand winner of the photo contest happily receiving her gift which was a smartphone from Mi.

With this, we came to an end of our NADA Campaign 2019.

Takeaways from the campaign

  • Generate as many ideas as possible before selecting the best one out of it.
  • Always be prepared for the last minute changes or work additions.
  • Make sure you deliver the best results regardless of any circumstances.

Positive Impact from the campaign:

  • After the images for Day 1 was updated in the Facebook the number of visitors in Nissan’s stall increased. From this campaign, the audience reached organically was high.
  • The photo contest helped in creating organic reach better. Consequently, increasing the number of stall visits.
  • The quiz helped reach more audience because of the high number of engagements on it.
  • The website traffic had also increased drastically bringing in thousands of new users.
  • Talking about the social media and web page visits, high number of new users had flocked and the insights were booming off the charts.

Team Experience Stories

Research Team:

After the announcement of Nissan participating in NADA, our team started to investigate what are the new trends in foreign countries for digital promotions of automobile and had a brainstorming session for how to create better branding and promotion of Nissan Nepal. We came up with following ideas for digital promotions:

  • Few weeks prior we started a tag and win contest where lucky winners will get 2 NADA tickets
  • We also created a buzz with a quiz highlighting the Nissan kicks and its features.
  • Organizing a photo contest in stall where the winner is selected by the highest likes in Facebook. Here, participants also had to check in on Nissan NADA stall in their social media profile.
  • Ads promoting NADA Nissan stall and the event date were promoted

Apart from creating a virtual campaign, we were also involved in the physical campaign of how to make the NADA stall of Nissan better. Hence, we came up with the following ideas:

Design Team:
The designs made for the Nissan NADA 2019 were

  1. Social Media Posts
  2. Google Ads
  3. GIF Animation
  4. Photo Contest Props
  5. Standee and Banners
  6. Profile Picture Frames
  7. Website Banners

The challenges I faced while making these designs were to create different concepts to stand out from other Automobile companies and, lack of time sometimes since I had to manage multiple clients. For creating the props, I had to estimate the size of the props for cutouts which was a relatively new experience for me and in the first go, it turned out to be very good.

How designer overcame the challenges?

To finish the work on time, the designer had a huge support from the Client Servicing Team, they managed to convince the client on the design changes which were feasible and discarded changes which were not possible in the given time frame. Additionally, they managed to finish the works on time by staying few hours extra until the NADA Campaign was over.

Client Servicing Team:

All the support needed for this campaign was provided by Sharda IT Service and Sharda Production Team. (Photographer, Live Streaming, Printed cutouts, Updates in Social Media) We did definitely had some hard time getting the approval for the designs. But yet we managed to do that right on time.

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