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The chat bot is a program designed to respond and interact with you like a live customer service agent would.

BOT is basically short chat name for robots. They are the computer assistance which can instantly reply multiple conversations in seconds via chat on its own. You can use it on Facebook messenger as well. Personalize what you communicate with flexible message types & templates on Facebook Messenger. The message types and templates can be categorized into two groups: Unstructured (Text, Audio, Video, Image, File) and Structured (Button Template, Generic Template and List Template)

By using keywords and short phrases, you can get information and perform tasks all through the Messenger app. For example, you could use messenger bots to purchase clothing, or check the weather by asking the bot questions. You can make your own Facebook messenger bot for auto response with your potential clients. Messenger bot can be used by any company who wants to build quality relationship and save valuable time of the customers. This is a very cost effective way for promoting business.

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