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Google offers you a hassle free intelligent suite of applications to meet your cloud, email and task management requirement and much more. Introducing G Suite
Leave all your “quota” worries behind. G Suite offers a mail size for every business need.
  • More than two million paying organizations are actively using G Suite, including companies like The New York Times, Salesforce, Roche, Whirlpool, Veolia etc.
  • More than 1,800 customers sign up for Google Drive every week.
  • There are more than 900M active Gmail users.
  • 60% of Fortune 500s use Google Cloud.

SCALE: G Suite was built as a 100% cloud-based solution from the very start, leveraging the same cloud infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month, and provide storage for 900 million Gmail users and services to more than 5 million businesses who have chosen G Suite.

SECURITY Centralized administration makes setup and management fast and easy. Add and remove users, set up groups, and add security options like 2-step verification and SSO.

PRIVACY G Suite customers own their data, not Google. The data that companies, schools and students put into Google’s systems is theirs; Google does not sell this data to third parties. Google offer a detailed Data Processing Amendment to elaborate on this commitment

G Suite offers the flexibility to integrate the systems that are already working for you with new cloud-based tools. Leveraging G Suite apps and partners, you can customize a solution that perfectly blends the best of what you already have with the benefits of the cloud—completing the puzzle.

This is just the beginning! Google is investing on product development and R&D to further enhance G suite Business so that you can increase your business’ productivity. Few examples like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) , security enhancements, Apigee , google app engine, google container service, google compute engine, firebase etc.

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